Aizu Ashinomaki Onsen, Fudokan, Oyanoyu
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Aizu Ashinomaki Onsen, Fudokan, Oyanoyu


Fukushima Prefecture Aizu Wakamatsu City Ooto Town Oya Oya Fumino Umenaira 2498-2

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Get off at Aizu Railway Ashinomaki Onsen Station, 8 minutes by car

Pick-up presence (condition)
Aizu Railway Ashinomaki Onsen Station will pick you up to Aizu Railway Ashinomaki Onsen Station.
However, it will be from 15: 00 to 17: 30.

Traffic and tourist spots

  • When using a car

    Access method 1: Tokyo
    Tohoku Expressway Koriyama JCT ~ Ban-etsu Expressway Aizu Area ~ Aizuwakamatsu IC ~ R118 20 km, about 30 minutes

    Access method 2: Sendai
    Tohoku Expressway ~ Shirakawa IC ~ R289 towards Koshi From Shimogo-machi R118 towards Aizu


    30 free parking lots available
  • Tsuruga castle

    Tsuruga castle (Wakamatsu Castle) is commonly called Tsuruga castle the local area, but it is called Aizuwakamatsu Castle outside the local area, and I think that some people asked us.About 630 years ago from Tsuruga castle, it is said that Naeori Reeda established the East Kurokawa Yakata which can be said as its predecessor, and in the Boshin battle it is said to be impolite to endure the intense battle game for about one month It was sung as a famous castle and made its name known to the heavens.But was demolished leaving only the stone wall in Meiji (time period), rebuilt in Showa (time period), this building following the castle tower in Heisei (time period), Yashii-yagura, Minami-hashiri Nagaya is restored by using the method and technology of Edo (time period) It was.
  • Oyakuen garden

    Tsuruga castle is said that the Oyakuen garden, located 15 minutes on foot from Tsuruga castle (Wakamatsu Castle), started building a villa in this area where Reiko Takuhis got springs in spring Muromachi Time Period.It is Oyakuen garden the name of Oyakuen garden, as it is derived from the name of a migrant garden with a heart-shaped pond in the center and a medicinal herb garden for cultivating various medicinal herbs including ginseng.It has been designated as a national scenic spot in Showa (time period) as a typical daimyo type landscape garden of Tokugawa Time Period