Spring source fresh lodging, Aizu Ashinomaki Onsen, Fudokan, Oyanoyu
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Oyanoyu is particular about food

Different seasonal dishes with seasonal seasonal fish,
Truly devoted one item per item review
I am sashimi.
Taste full of rich flavor,
Please eat pleasantly to your heart 's content.
  • spring

    Kaiseki cuisine with plenty of spring seasonal ingredients
  • summer

    Kaiseki cuisine with plenty of summer seasonal ingredients
  • autumn

    Kaiseki cuisine with plenty of autumn seasonal ingredients
  • winter

    Kaiseki cuisine with plenty of winter seasonal ingredients
  • Bespoke food

  • Breakfast

    And miso soup had Aizu Miso, enjoy a breakfast of Aizu Rice
  • ●About meals

    Kaiseki or Japanese set menu meal
    About 12 products
    Basics are venue eating
    18:00 to 19:00
    ※For more than 5 people, we will prepare a separate venue upon request (chargeable).
    It may not be possible to meet your request.Please note.
    Japanese Meal
    Dining Hall
    8:00, 8: 30