Spring source fresh lodging, Aizu Ashinomaki Onsen, Fudokan, Oya-no-Yu
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  • Hospitality

    • Please go to the barley tea ceremony.

      We have barley tea service available on the way to the bath.After entering the hot springs, please rest at ease while drinking barley tea.
    • Slippers disinfection sterilizer at the entrance of the bath

      In order to always use it cleanly, we installed a disinfection sterilizer of slippers at the entrance of the bath.
    • Install foot sole vibromassage machine on male and female dressing room (free)

      Both men and women have a feet-backed vibromassage machine at the changing room.After entering the hot spring, you can unravel your body further with foot massage.
    • Banquet with family, mini table tennis (free)

      Speaking of hot springs is table tennis.You can enjoy a classic mini table tennis.The hot spring that enters with sweat is also exceptional.
    • Please enjoy handmade tube amp · record player

      You can enjoy records with old tubular amp and record player.(Speaker uses TANNOY)
    • On an important birthday or anniversary···Arrange cake

      For important anniversaries and birthdays, we are catering for cake arrangements.

      ※It may not be accepted depending on the time.
    • A coin launderette is available on 1F (charged)

      A coin launderette is available on 1F so that you can use it with confidence in a long stay etc.
    • We are renting a wheelchair (1 unit)

      Because everyone wants to enjoy traveling with a smile ... Wheelchair rental is also performed.Please feel free to ask.(Limited 1 unit)
    • Morning coffee service(Free·8: 00 ~ 9: 30 / Self)

      Morning coffee is served in the morning.Please enjoy the taste and fragrance.(It is self-service)
    • Candy's service at the time of seeing off

      We will serve candy at the time of sending off.